Monday, May 4, 2009

My Civic Duty

Tomorrow I get to go to my first ever jury duty. I have mixed feelings. On one hand I don't actually mind going somewhere to sit and wait around all day and knit rather than go to work. On the other hand I have stuff to do at work that won't be done and I hate having things build up. Also, there is always the chance of getting bored out of my skull, which I find highly likely after a few hours. Then there is the whole interacting part. I'm generally a "people person" on the outside, while I loathe others internally. And I'm kind of a people snob, I'll admit it. I don't want to hang out with strangers and answer personal questions in front of an audience of lawyers. And I don't want to have to make SMALL TALK. Small talk is the most pointless talk in the world. Blah. But whatever, I've got a knitting project that needs finishing, so I guess I'll just focus on the fact that I'll be doing something I enjoy. Or focus on the fact that I have to deal with people and be in public and then not be able to go to sleep. Yeah, probably the latter. Dammit.

It looked as though it might actually be kind of a nice day today, but now we're having the torrential downpour type rain. I am glad actually because I've seen my seeds sprouting a bit and I needed to put some plant food on and I can't really water there because the hose doesn't reach. So I put out some Miracle Gro Shake and Pour that lasts for like 3 months or something crazy like that. And the rain is doing all the work for me.

See, for those of you who don't know, I live in an apartment and don't have a garden to speak of. My mom was talking about scattering some wildflower seeds in the bed of dirt surrounding the front of our building and I decided to take it upon myself to clandestinely start planting seeds. Luckily I haven't really run into anyone while doing it, especially because since I have no tools I kind of just look like I am screwing around like a crazy person. I used a stick to break up the dirt and rake the seeds around and then a brita water pitcher to water them. Not very scientific or green thumb-y, but at least I used packages of seeds that also included mulch and other stuff to help everything grow. I hope it looks pretty and not just like a bunch of weeds.

Ok, now time to go watch House. If House and Cuddy don't really do it in this episode I'm going to give up. Ok, well, I'm not really. I'd still watch it if it was just Hugh Laurie reading bad poetry to the camera. I LOVE HIM. So I'll never really give up. But I'll be really, really cross.

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  1. Thank heavens they will let you knit in the court room. I know I probably shouldn't encourage your obsession. I know how obsessive an obsession it can be...but I always feel like if I'm forced to do something pointless or boring, it wasn't a waste if I was knitting. Yay Hugh Laurie! I'm assuming you've seen Black Adder. Dumb question, I think.