Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The One Where No One Proposes

I'm going to have to confess something. I think I have a crush on Lady Gaga. Was my last post in July about how she is cool looking and her music is lame? Well, I still sort of think so, but I sometimes can't get that catchy Poker Face song out of my head. And the Bad Romance video is so amazing looking that I can't help but like it. What is WRONG with me? I don't know, it is like she is a sorceress and has everyone under her spell and I can't figure out why.

I also have to confess something else. I want this blog to be bloggier. And I want it to be funnier. I'm not so sure that I am much of a writer. But I guess I'll try. I also don't really love the name of my blog. Too long. And not catchy or cool sounding. Because I am a nerd.

And I like to complain.

I'm going to Las Vegas on Saturday and everyone and their mom has decided that Dan and I will come back married. I think they have forgotten the fact that Dan is terrified of marriage. Women always seem to think that men are playing some sort of game with us and they aren't really commitment-phobic, they are just trying to give us a really big surprise. Well, keep waiting ladies. Haven't you ever read He's Just Not That Into You? He really IS afraid of getting married, he isn't Chandler just pretending to be afraid while really buying the perfect engagement ring for Monica. Bitter, party of one. No, not really. I was really raring to go and get married for a little while, but I've mellowed. Or at least I'm trying to. It will happen when it will happen and that is OK with me. So yeah, doubtful on the whole Vegas elopement deal. But if I did come back married, I'd still want a wedding. I'm just girlie that way.

As far as my knitting has been going, I've discovered that I can't knit for pay. It takes all the fun out of it and I just stop whatever project that I am making as a commission and start making something else more fun. I don't finish other projects as well, but that is more because I see something shiny on Ravelry or need to see how that one yarn in my stash knits up RIGHT NOW OMG. But the knitting for pay thing makes knitting seem boring and like work. And I already have a job that feels like work, so I don't need that. I think that if I just made a bunch of fun things and eventually sold them on Etsy that would be OK, but definitely not going to do commissions. This fact also makes me feel extreme guilt because I already told some people I'd do some knitting for them and now I have to tell them I can't because there isn't enough time before Christmas and because I have my own gifts to knit and I CAN'T FINISH A PROJECT TO SAVE MY LIFE OMG!!!!EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!!

It's overwhelming, for sure. Maybe if I led a life of leisure than I would do the knitting for pay.

For my birthday last month I received a new video camera. It is one of those little Flip thingies that has those commercials where people do stupid stuff and someone has the camera and it is so fast and easy to use that they get it on film. So now I have lots of video of friends and family acting uncomfortable being videoed. Seriously, the look on someone's face totally changes when they realize you are taping them and then I no longer want to tape them. I wish that it wasn't just compact, but invisible so I could get real candid video. This is how I know that The Real World is the most fake thing on the earth. No one can be normal with cameras on them. It is impossible to pretend they aren't there.

My plan is to make one video for each month of the year. The video will be made up of all the footage I take in a given month, and that is how I am cataloging my videos. I'm hoping that in addition to being a whiz at knitting, I will also be a whiz at video editing. Fingers crossed!