Friday, May 29, 2009

zap zap!

Ok, I just want to state for the record that is equally totally awesome and crappy all at the same time. Here is why:

Well, first off they have an incredible selection. But they aren't exactly a bargain, they are about the same as every other place, only usually they tack on about $4 which is why I assume they can offer free shipping and returns. A good thing is that in Washington, since they have no location here, I don't have to pay any tax, so that makes up for some of it. I work at Nordstrom, though, and therefore get a discount on shoes purchased at work. So usually it is much cheaper and easier to walk downstairs to the store and buy a pair of shoes. UNLESS they are a brand we don't carry, which seems lately to be the case as I am completely obsessed with Blowfish shoes.

There are a number of buying options for Blowfish shoes, but I decided to go with Zappos because of their reliability in the past and also because the prices were the same everywhere else and they didn't offer free shipping. Here is where the issues I have with Zappos really comes in. When you purchase anything from them, at the point of sale you are asked to decide between different shipping methods and the only two I remember were the free 4-5 day shipping advertised all over the site as their big deal and for $25 extra I could have 1 day shipping. This kind of struck me as odd because I remember getting my shoes right away last time I ordered from them, but I knew I have always used the free shipping. So I used the free shipping or else it would not have been a very good deal at all. When I go to check my email this morning, I have an email from around 2 am saying that I've been upgraded to 1 day shipping at no cost and my shoes are already packed and ready to go, followed by an email with tracking information. My shoes are already in Seattle from Kentucky, left at 2:30 AM and are out for delivery as of 8:45 AM. Now I remember that is what happened last time, duh. No other place I have ever ordered from does this, and I freaking love it! Shoes when I get home, yay! But here is the bad part - what about the people who pay $25 extra for a service that they are extremely likely to give you for free? That effing sucks. Just offer free 1 day shipping, jeeze.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I forgot to post the pictures of the two shawls I made!

First, the one I pretty much did most of during jury duty. This one went to my mom for Mother's Day, yay!

And then the one I made the following weekend for myself.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm slacking!

Seriously, I have been meaning to blog. I mean, not that I have tons of followers, but I really intended to update sooner. But there has been too much B*!!$%!# going on for me to just sit down and type. Or maybe I'm spending too much time knitting. Yeah, that one.

Last week was my jury duty, where I learned that I do not think that exposing onesself during a lap dance in a strip club should not be illegal. Seriously, I can't believe I got picked to sit on a trial about a stripper exposing herself and allowing herself to be fondled during a dance. Isn't that kind of the point? That is illegal? When I get fondled, I don't get arrested. Is it the money thing? Because sometimes Dan pays me rent and then fondles me later that day. Why aren't I in jail? Oh, and part of these vice cops' jobs is to go out to clubs and spend police department money on these dances to check to make sure they are legal. Aww, poor cops, their job is so hard. The cop on our trial said he found it disgusting. Maybe he should ask to be taken off of that beat then!!

Luckily we found her not guilty due to lack of evidence. It was not because I think that the charges are ridiculous, even though I do, but there was no proof really. It was his word against hers and there is that whole reasonable doubt thing. She didn't even know she was charged until she received a citation a month and a half after the incident. How the hell is she supposed to defend herself when she can't even remember it? Bah!

In other news, I have finished two shawls since my last visit here, started a hat 4 times, ripped it out 4 times, got frustrated and started an easier scarf. The hat is for Dan, he lost this one that his sister made him about a month ago and has been very sad about it. I was thinking he didn't really need it right away since it is summer soon, but from the looks of the monsoon going on outside he probably could have used it today. I'm going to start anew this weekend, and I feel like I have more knowledge now. I have dropped stitches where I start a new row in the round, I have screwed up the knit knit purl purl pattern by purl purl purling too many times, I have twisted my work. This time I will do none of these things. I will start slowly and surely and I won't drink a beer before starting. Right? Right.

The scarf I'm working on is a popular pattern amongst the people on Ravelry. It is a simple 1x1 rib - knit, purl, repeat - and it is interesting only because of the type of yarn used, Noro. Noro yarns are from Japan and it seems the most popular types are Kureyon which is wool and Silk Garden which is a silk and wool blend. I am using Taiyo which is mainly cotton with silk and wool (and maybe something else thrown in, I can't remember) and it is softer than the other two mentioned and just a little bulkier in some parts. The cool thing about this yarn is that it has color changes in it, so it is kind of like a gradual stripe. The colors are also really bright, and I LOVE BRIGHT COLOR. So a lot of people do this scarf where you use two different colors of the yarn and do skinny stripes because you get to see all the transitions and the striping makes it look really neat and super colorful. I don't think I'm quite describing it right, but really it is super fantastic! I've much further now than when I took this photo, but to give you an idea...

Other than all that, not much. Just busy at work now that I missed time last week and all. This weekend I have too many things to do, it is the LYS (local yarn store) Tour this weekend in Seattle and I hope to at least stop by Seattle Yarn in my hood on either day, it is the cheese festival in the Pike Place Market, Dan's mom and stepdad, Dan and I will be ushering at Arts West for Gutenberg the Musical on Saturday evening preceeded by eating lots of yummy Indian food at Maharaja, and then Sunday morning Dan and I are running (er, walking?) in Beat the Bridge for Juvenile Diabetes. So for tonight, I think I'll take it easy. We were going to go out, but I really need some down time!

Oh, and my phone is done for as of this week. It is a long story that stems from an ill advised moment of rage and throwing of my phone and ends about a month later with super glue. The dumb part is I could have gotten it fixed numerous times and didn't bother. So I ordered a new phone for an obscene amount of money. Which I realize is super stupid and it turns out that my contract is actually up in December and I could have gotten it for much much cheaper. But it is too late now, and I really want the new phone now and not later, so there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Civic Duty

Tomorrow I get to go to my first ever jury duty. I have mixed feelings. On one hand I don't actually mind going somewhere to sit and wait around all day and knit rather than go to work. On the other hand I have stuff to do at work that won't be done and I hate having things build up. Also, there is always the chance of getting bored out of my skull, which I find highly likely after a few hours. Then there is the whole interacting part. I'm generally a "people person" on the outside, while I loathe others internally. And I'm kind of a people snob, I'll admit it. I don't want to hang out with strangers and answer personal questions in front of an audience of lawyers. And I don't want to have to make SMALL TALK. Small talk is the most pointless talk in the world. Blah. But whatever, I've got a knitting project that needs finishing, so I guess I'll just focus on the fact that I'll be doing something I enjoy. Or focus on the fact that I have to deal with people and be in public and then not be able to go to sleep. Yeah, probably the latter. Dammit.

It looked as though it might actually be kind of a nice day today, but now we're having the torrential downpour type rain. I am glad actually because I've seen my seeds sprouting a bit and I needed to put some plant food on and I can't really water there because the hose doesn't reach. So I put out some Miracle Gro Shake and Pour that lasts for like 3 months or something crazy like that. And the rain is doing all the work for me.

See, for those of you who don't know, I live in an apartment and don't have a garden to speak of. My mom was talking about scattering some wildflower seeds in the bed of dirt surrounding the front of our building and I decided to take it upon myself to clandestinely start planting seeds. Luckily I haven't really run into anyone while doing it, especially because since I have no tools I kind of just look like I am screwing around like a crazy person. I used a stick to break up the dirt and rake the seeds around and then a brita water pitcher to water them. Not very scientific or green thumb-y, but at least I used packages of seeds that also included mulch and other stuff to help everything grow. I hope it looks pretty and not just like a bunch of weeds.

Ok, now time to go watch House. If House and Cuddy don't really do it in this episode I'm going to give up. Ok, well, I'm not really. I'd still watch it if it was just Hugh Laurie reading bad poetry to the camera. I LOVE HIM. So I'll never really give up. But I'll be really, really cross.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Caturday Evening

Boring, rainy Saturday. We had a lovely Friday evening at my coworker's house for a BBQ even though the sunny 70 degree temperatures turned quickly to OMG WIND shortly after everyone started arriving. But it was a good time all the same. I, as per usual, had too much wine and am nursing a bit of a hangover today. So I'm being a total bum and am still in my pajamas at 6 pm. I think I'm going to knit some more. Exciting, no?

Dan is watching the Mariners game with the kids, though.
the family watches sports