Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yep, I got married. I could fill thousands of posts full of the details, how much of me I put into this to make it a success, how stressful it was, how wonderful my family and friends are for helping and being there and how quickly something with such a build up went by, but I'll spare you.

There has been radio silence all up in this blog, I know. But I just wanted to share with whoever is out there that still reads. I've been busy with this whole wedding thing, and now I plan to be busy not being busy and just enjoying being married. We're headed to Walla Walla in a couple days to a precious little B&B and we're going to visit wineries, drink loads of wine and eat delicious food. It's going to be crazy hot and I'm going to lounge around in the sun relaxing and enjoying my new husband. I LOVE YOU DAN!!!

I set up a little photo account so that people could upload all their photos, so if you're curious, check them out here: