Monday, February 28, 2011

Marc Maron: Part Eleventy Thousand

If you missed it on Twitter or Facebook, I totes got a photo with Marc Maron over the weekend like a huge comedy nerd (groupie?). We sat in the front row, too. The "other Jess" made him scones (that were effing delicious, b-t-dubs) and brought devon cream, while I brought him a basket of all my homemade canning successes. Although I think maybe I just made a big chore for him because he had to ship everything home to himself. Hope it's delicious and that once he tries it he doesn't mind the extra work? Yeah.

He was hilarious and raw, as per usual. Again I say, if you aren't listening to WTF, you're missing out. Plain and simple.

Here is the basket of crap I made him:
I even made little labels, how cute (dorky) am I?
And then here is the best photo taken in a dark club without a flash. The one with the flash makes me look so white I glow, and the other one I posted on Facebook is good, but this one he is smiling and it's cute, so here.

He's wearing his fan-made WTF ring, which you can't really see clearly. He tells a story about how a fan boy recently got his signature tattooed on him, and "does that mean we're married now?" And my answer is no, Marc, but I do think you're engaged to the guy who made you that ring.

P.S. I also met Moshe Kasher last weekend at the same club. He is also effing hilarious and I discovered him from listening to WTF with Marc Maron. So yeah, that was awesome too. I am apparently collecting a photo album of myself with comedians. Who is next? (maybe Greg Behrendt in a couple weeks if I'm up to going all the way out to Kirklandia again).


  1. SWEET im part of marc's act now?! i have now made it to the big time!

  2. Ha! I'm the guy who made the ring! I just saw Sleepwalk with Me and I'm scouring the Internet to find a pic of him wearing it in the movie... No dice so far.