Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is what success looks like!

I made marmalade!
 My first time and I couldn't be more proud. The only time I have ever made anything jam or jelly like was 3 years ago when I made pepper jelly. That almost feels like cheating because then I used packaged pectin. This time I used a recipe with just oranges, lemons, sugar and water and it came out great! I don't have a candy thermometer, so I couldn't check temperature, but I did a chilled plate test and that worked great. The marmalade set up perfectly! Within 30 seconds of removing the jars from the water bath I heard the lovely popping sound of a successful vacuum seal! It tastes really good, too. It is sweet, but really flavorful and I didn't scorch it at all while cooking. HOORAY!


  1. We need a taste test of all these things you are making!!

  2. Those look beautiful! I'm also addicted to making jams. I've made meyer lemon marmalade before. Marmalades are great because the peel is so full of pectin. I really wanted to try making pickles this year (like yours) but we had a crappy growing season and I didn't get enough of anything except jalapenos. Maybe next year.

  3. Oh thank you! I see you are another weird girl, I must read your blog now. :)

    I was lucky with the pickles, I had a friend who had too many cucumbers so she unloaded a ton of them on me. I have like 20 jars now. I have like 40 jars of crap in my cupboard right now because I am suddenly a psycho for preserves.